GoPractical™ is an Italian movie brand that embodies all the values ​​of the practical approach, which has as its primary goal to offer the audience an immersive and total spectacularity: Anything digital is abolished in favor of fully analogical alternatives, giving life to a fictional world in which every visual element is in fact real.

GoPractical™ also has training among its objectives: it provides conferences, courses and professional workshops for institutions, organizations, foundations, secondary schools, professional institutes and universities in order to raise awareness and encourage new generations to develop their artistic potential and realization through the discovery of the roles and creative processes of the film industry.

GoPractical™ offers support, partnerships and partnerships to projects and initiatives that are in line with the practical approach, thus becoming a point of reference for the network of workers who want to collaborate in a logic of sharing and enhancing the heritage of practical arts internationally.

“Imagine you could touch everything you saw on that screen with your hands.”


GoPractical™ offers a visionary and experimental directing technique at the disposal of production companies that intend to make movies coherent with the identity of the brand, or in line with the themes, the approach and the style of the practical director Marcello Baretta, which consists in recovering, develop and enhance analogue production techniques and processes.

His practical approach involves all the production phases of the film, in that way highlighting the skills of the involved creative artists. From the use of chemical film to stagecraft constructions in the studio, this style of direction avoids digital in favour of in-camera solutions, reallocating resources in order to set a new balance aimed at protecting those categories of professionals whose valuable contribution is increasingly replaced by the CGI.

GoPractical™ is an incubator of creativity and technique with a unique vision in the current film industry: each production is both research and development of alternative solutions to digital that allow the audience to go beyond the screen, making them more involved in a total cinematic experience, made of values, quality and excellence.

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Practical director

Marcello Baretta is the founder of the official GoPractical™ brand and he carries its values ​​on as a practical director, choosing to eliminate digital from his productions to give viewers the awareness of being able to touch even the most fantastic and spectacular elements they see on the screen. A strong supporter of genre cinema, the theatrical experience and chemical film, for over ten years he has alternated production and training, making his experience available to new generations. Author of essays and manuals on Cinema, he is committed to sharing knowledge also with field research at the major European Studios with related publications. His skills as a practical director merge with those of stop-motion, animatronics and production design, in a constant search for improvement, enhancement and divulgation.

Among the most deserving initiatives stands out the founding of the first international community dedicated to special effects by Carlo Rambaldi, of which he was recognized as being among the top experts with the awarding of the prestigious Effetto Cinema award.


GoPractical™ offers courses, classes and workshops throughout the national territory available to institutions, organizations, foundations, secondary schools and universities with the aim of disseminating the history and evolution of techniques and Cinema professions.

Through the experience of the practical director Marcello Baretta, who is the creator and teacher, the masterclasses focus on three departments of the film industry – directing, screenwriting and special effects – and are preparatory to the workshop activities that can be implemented by creating a path of even more complete learning.

GoPractical™ also offers workshop activities with the aim of allowing new generations to discover and experiment with stop-motion techniques, to learn modeling, casting and molding processes and to learn how to manage professional materials for special effects.

The workshops are divided by level. They can be activated individually or together with the masterclasses to create a more complete learning path.

The duration and costs of the workshops depend on the level and type of project agreed and can be modulated according to needs and availability.


In an increasingly digitalized world, teaching new generations to find practical solutions means laying the foundations for a future in which they will be able to express themselves freely, independent of technologies.

From “Il regista pratico” (The Practical Director) – Marcello Baretta

Images of E.T. displayed here were taken during a didactical experiment, conducted with a three dimensional prototype derived from the one created by Carlo Rambaldi – E.T. the Extraterrestrial – Copyright © MCMLXXXII by UNIVERSAL CITY STUDIOS, INC.