GoPractical™ brand manifesto and key to understanding the figure of the practical director, it digs deep into the secrets of the most spectacular cinema, revealing tricks and techniques and goes in search of that magic element that triggers the emotions of the viewer: What is the ghost in the cinematographic machine? What role does virtuality play in digital blockbusters? What really makes a practical director?
An engaging journey through genius, art and pop culture that invites to reflect on the repercussions of digital technology on the cinema screen and beyond.

Genre Cinema, TV Price 24,00 €
Publisher Tra Le Righe Libri   Year 2021
Print length 200 pages   Format paperback
Language Italian   EAN 9788832871814

What initially seems to be an accusation against our (Italian) Cinema turns out to be a a bow in admiration to Italian genius and creativity.

With a journey through special effects, editing, set design, soundtrack and photography, the author reveals the secrets of five masters to bare witness to the incredible talent that has been a success factor behind many a famous international blockbuster, investigating the reasons that have yet prevented their development within their domestic film industry.

Genre Cinema, TV Price 13,00 €
Publisher Tra Le Righe Libri   Year 2016
Print length 156 pages   Format paperback
Language Italian   EAN 9788899141691

Beyond Hollywood: Where and how do European film productions actually take place? What is the history of those venues and facilities where films come to life? What is the link between architectural form and productive function? Where is the boundary between art and industry?

This book is your ticket to an exclusive journey beyond the gates of the studios and to a close look on sets with behind-the-scenes photos, maps, schematics and data sheets that for the first time reveal all the secrets of the film studios.

Genre Cinema, TV Price 5,90 €
Publisher Media&Books   Year 2016
Print length 389   Format eBook
Language Italian   EAN 9788889991190