GoPractical & IULM

The annual collaboration between GoPractical and IULM – University of Languages ​​and Communication is renewed.

For the entire month of October 2023, the best students selected by the Faculties of Cinema, Television, Entertainment, Fashion and Marketing were able to follow the analogue special effects workshop which included a special exercise on the themes of Concept Art conducted by the illustrator Angelo Lo Torto.

The theoretical path through the birth and evolution of the most spectacular effects of Cinema was therefore enriched with a practical component, thanks to an immersive experience which allowed students to develop and design environments, characters and props starting from an original screenplay.

The workshop simulated the compromise situation between the director’s communicative intention and the creative interpretation of the illustrators, who must translate concepts, ideas and emotions into visual elements for the big screen, learning to work in a group with limited time.

The enthusiasm found, together with the high number of sketches created and the quality of the ideas developed, confirm the desire of the young generations to explore the world of special effects and concept art more deeply, as well as the desire to get involved with the manual skill of analogue techniques.


GoPractical & IULM

GoPractical™ & IULM University of Comunication teaching program partnership 2021/2022

GoPractical™ is an original and complex project, but it is precisely for this reason that it falls within those challenges that must be supported.”

With these words, the Rector of IULM, Gianni Canova, welcomed the educational offer of GoPractical™, thus introducing for the first time Special Effects Masterclasses in the university’s program.

Practical director Marcello Baretta will offer students of the Faculty of Cinema the opportunity to learn about the history and evolution of the seventh art from a new perspective, sensitizing the new generations of filmmakers to the gap between digital and analog techniques.

The opening of the educational activities will also include the presentation of the book Il regista pratico (The Practical Director), a special event mediated by the Rector Gianni Canova during which students will be able to admire live, on temporary display, some animatronic special effects.

The agreement between GoPractical™ and IULM inaugurates a series of collaborations and initiatives aimed at deepening technical and artistic aspects of the international film industry according to the GoPractical™ brand approach.


GoPractical & Sci-Fi Festival

GoPractical + Sci-Fi Festival

The international Science+Fiction Festival, the most important Italian event dedicated to the worlds of science fiction, presents the national premiere of the GoPractical film brand.

Founded in Triste in 1963 by journalists, critics and experts of the Venice International Film Festival, the Science+Fiction Festival has established itself on the international scene involving illustrious guests such as Phil Tippet, Terry Gilliam and Joe Dante.

Now, in its 2021 edition, the International Science+Fiction Festival chooses the practical director Marcello Baretta and his GoPractical brand, which relaunches Analog Cinema and launches a new style of filmmaking based on the use of more traditional techniques and technologies.

From the stage of the Festival, GoPractical makes its debut in the panorama of the international film industry and does so by thrilling the audience with with a great journey through the history of analogue cinema and transporting it towards a future that is increasingly spectacular and, thanks to the practical director, increasingly tangible.

GoPractical & IED

GoPractical + IED

The film brand GoPractical™ in partnership with IED – European Institute of Design inaugurates, at the Milan headquarters of the Institute, a didactic activity reserved to the three-year course in Visual Arts to transmit the know-how of Analog Cinema to the students of the second year of the Video Design course.

The activities will be conducted by practical director Marcello Baretta in coordination with the course leaders, director Piergiorgio Gay and video designer Enzo Carucci.

IED – European Institute of Design is an international leader in the training of audiovisual professionals: the three-year course in Video Design deals with both the direction of classic products with linear narration and the production of interactive videos for video art and events and through the collaboration with GoPractical™ further expands its training offer by introducing a course on Cinema techniques and technologies, with a particular focus on visual effects and on the history and evolution of special effects.

The initiative is aimed at training professionals who have the necessary notions to critically evaluate the choice between the use of digital and analog technologies that characterize and influence the video, video art and performing arts sectors.

The collaboration between IED and GoPractical™ completes a didactic path on the entire workflow of the film and video production industry: from project conception to shooting, from editing to soundtracking, from CGI to practical special effects.

As part of the educational activities, students will also be presented with the essay “The Practical Director“, a text that traces the history of analogue cinema and introduces a directing style based on the recovery of the arts and techniques used before the advent of digital.

The agreement with the IED anticipates a series of educational and cultural events and initiatives that will involve important national realities linked to the film industry, confirming GoPractical™’s commitment to encouraging new generations to develop their artistic and creative potential through the discovery of the roles and creative processes of the film industry.

GoPractical + Ponte

Educational Activities – Ponte in Valtellina (So)

The film brand GoPractical confirms its educational and cultural mission by adding to the events already scheduled a series of educational activities dedicated to analog Cinema that will be held in the province of Sondrio.

The first event is from October 18 to 21 in Ponte in Valtellina, sponsored by the Municipality of Ponte, the Province of Sondrio and BIM and with the collaboration of Movie Theater Vittoria.

The opening event will be moderated by journalist and film critic Elena Botta, who will interview director Marcello Baretta on the stage of the Movie Theater Vittoria in Ponte in Valtellina, where the essay “The Practical Director” will also be presented.

With the capacity of the cinemas back to full capacity, the event is preparing to welcome about 200 people.

The educational activities will be held at the Educational Institute of Ponte and will include a special screening to offer students the thrill of the cinematic experience in a movie theater.



Analog film brand GoPractical presents a new exclusive production: “Stagecraft”


Merging cinematic productions and didactic mission, GoPractical uses exclusive scale models, mechanized prototypes and hyper-realistic miniatures to reveal story, techniques and tricks of the practical solutions applied, in this case, to the production design of Hogwarts Castle, the iconic location selected specifically to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

The analog directing style of Marcello Baretta – founder of GoPractical – opens the video with an incipit shot in 16mm film and moves on with a long narrative enhanced with inserts, motion graphics and animations such as stopmotion, timelapse and motion-control that make complex concepts and technologies visually comprehensible to everyone.

From the casting and molding phases to the assembly of the facades, from economies of scale to permanent sets, from the forced perspective to wild walls: the new GoPractical production represents a visual manual about set design aimed once again at raising awareness among new generations towards the discovery and enhancement of practical solutions within an industry that is nowadays increasingly turning to virtual sets and digitization.

Indeed, within the video practical special effects are used too, such as the three-dimensional GoPractical logo suspended in the clouds, a tribute to the one that opens every film in the Harry Potter saga.

In a production based on miniatures and scale models, attention to every detail is essential. Phil Soheili’s photography envelops the set reconstructions with a light that could be the one of a sunrise or of a sunset: it constitutes the metaphor of the end of large sets era or perhaps of their rebirth, a metaphor that is completed with the main sequence, lighted up with fluorescent tubes that give a blue-night atmosphere.

Alberto Lodi’s motion graphics highlight even the most microscopic details of the prototypes and the sound edited by Francesco Podda’s Sineflow Music makes every nuance of the story clear.

With the special participation of the film critic Lorenzo Bianchi – former author of articles about Harry Potter – and the practical director Marcello Baretta – author of the prototypes – GoPractical inaugurates its first collaboration with Longtake, a Cinema network founded by the critic Andrea Chimento.

After “Animatronic”, GoPractical produces and distributes “Stagecraft”, confirming itself as the brand of analog Cinema that allows the audience to touch the magic of Cinema with its bare hands.

EffectUs Event

GOPRACTICAL is proud to announce the start of the collaboration with EFFECTUS, a cultural Association that aims to develop the art of make-up and Special Effects in all its facets for professionals and enthusiasts.

GoPractical and EffectUs share the mission of promoting the importance of mutual exchange of knowledge and artistic knowledge at national and international level, promoting networking aimed at the growth of the artistic discipline of traditional Special Effects, including: sculpture, casts, prosthetics, make-up , masks, animatronics, puppets, face painting and body painting.

The practical director Marcello Baretta will be guest of EffectUs Event on 24th and 25th of September 2022 at Lanificio 159 in Rome, where he will hold a conference on the topics covered in the essay “The practical director” and will anticipate details on the new productions.


Director’s Notes




Directing motion pictures means first of all knowing how to orchestrate them according to a fundamental prerogative: rhythm.

The video produced by GoPractical and dedicated to animatronics deals with distinct visual languages ​​and consequently adopts different musical registers: on the one hand there are the suggestive atmospheres that tell the emotions of the social experiment, on the other there is a more documentary style that tells about the animatronic technique and practical approach.

Director Marcello Baretta has involved composer and conductor Alessio Maria since pre-production, developing a visual structure based on pre-established rhythms.

One of the director’s requests was to introduce the experiment with a reinterpretation of the E.T. theme “Far from home” in an evocative, suspended key, characterizing the sound with a reverberation, as if each note were a drop of water which, falling, echoes in a cave. The voice-over lines were written to fit between one note and another, without overlapping. The arrangement had to be a sound metaphor of the physical and psychological darkness in which the protagonists found themselves, who remain motionless in an indefinite dark space, blindfolded, unaware of what is about to happen. Only the spectator is allowed to briefly peek at the evidence that awaits them. The subsequent crescendo is the musical equivalent of the suspense offered by E.T.’s head which rises and comes into focus, revealing itself.

The composer made the opening sequence even more suggestive by excluding the last note of the theme and replacing it with the beat of the clapperboard, reproduced with claves to which he applied the same reverberation of the notes to place them in the same soundscape.

Another request from the director was to close the video with a tribute to the well-known “Flying” theme starting from its most celebratory version (“Escape / Chase / SayingGoodbye“) but limiting it to the last seven notes: enough to be recognizable, but not too many to make it obvious.

Apart from the two short quotes, the director wanted all the music to be an original composition, leaving the composer free to express his creativity.

The central sequence of the video, the documentary one, was first shot, edited and set to music: the goal, largely centered by the composer, was to find rhythms and sound languages ​​that adhere like a second skin to concepts, rather than scenes or editing cuts: director and composer analyzed intentions, sub-texts, emotions, trying to understand how music could become a complementary element capable of adding further meanings.

The biggest challenge was keeping up with the emotional crescendo: we start with an opening that anticipates the theme of the experiment to the audience by creating suspense, we move on to the technical explanation of the objectives and techniques used and we arrive at the emotional climax which reveals the reactions of the protagonists.

Alessio Maria’s composition technique is still traditional: paper, ink, improvisation on the piano and then again paper and ink. When the themes are defined, the finalization can be digital or analog. Alessio is a meticulous, patient composer: his approach reflects that of the practical director as he explores classic symphonic solutions that can dialogue with modernity, tracing a path halfway between tradition and innovation that leads to cinematic sounds of great emotional impact.

During post-production, the composer improvised an arrangement that took inspiration from the theme “I am keeping him” but then diverged, sought his own path and became something new and delicate, finding his strength in the simplicity of the piano sound. This touching passage is unfortunately not present in the final editing but the director and composer hope to be able to release it by including it in a forthcoming album that will collect the musical experimentation that has characterized the entire production.

GoPractical: brand launch

GoPractical™: the analog Cinema brand debuts

Future and tradition merge together, bringing a new reality to the italian film industry: GoPractical™ is born, the film brand based on an approach that places craftsmanship and creativity at the center of productions, resorting exclusively to analog solutions and putting aside digital.

Magic that you can touch with bare hands: this is the goal of practical director Marcello Baretta, already author of courses and essays on Cinema and now coming out with “Il regista pratico” (“The Practical Director”), the work published by Tra Le Righe Libri that recounts the techniques, advantages and values of practical Cinema.

In order to preserve and relaunch the analog know-how, GoPractical™ also inaugurates THE PRACTICAL PEOPLE, an international network open to workers and artists who still operate wholly or in part in the traditional way, without digital.

GoPractical™ is also dedicated to teaching the history of Cinema through educational activities and formats, spreading techniques and technologies with particular attention to the difference between analog and digital and stimulating new generations to rediscover the concreteness behind the spectacularity of great Cinema.
Many activities and initiatives are planned for the new year, including important partnerships with the most established Italian universities of Cinema.

Announced with a spectacular promo that brings into play animatronic special effects, stopmotion and timelapse, GoPractical™‘s entry into the audiovisual market marks a turning point in the way of conceiving and making Cinema, opening the way to collaborations with Production Companies, workers and talent.


The practical director

The book The Practical Director is now available in bookstores

The book Il regista pratico (The Practical Director) by Marcello Baretta, published by Tra Le Righe Libri, is finally available in all bookstores and online.

More than 200 pages to tell about the Cinema of the past and of the future by introducing an innovative directing style, based on the recovery of those more traditional and fascinating techniques that allow the spectator to touch the magic that scores on the big screen.

What are practical effects? Is it possible to make spectacular productions without resorting to CGI? Does it cost more to go digital or practical? What is the future of the cinematic experience in the age of streaming? What is the value of the original film in a market that chases seriality and franchises? What role does the figure of the director play in all this?

Skillfully alternating technical explanations and conceptual reflections, The Practical Director is a fascinating journey studded with questions for which the author seeks possible answers by exploring the principles and values of an alternative Cinema, more spectacular and less virtual.

In the panorama of essays dedicated to the cinematographic art, The Practical Director represents an absolute novelty that opens a new perspective in the way of making and seeing films.